Living with a Savannah Cat: Debunking the Myths

The Savannah cat, with its statuesque physique, mesmerizing spots, and captivating gaze, is easily one of the most alluring feline breeds. But are they really miniature cheetahs demanding exotic diets and walk-in enclosures? Let’s shed light on some common myths and explore what it truly means to share your life with a Savannah. Myth #1:… Read more »

The Ocicat: A Spotted Sensation with a Wild Heart

They leap, they bound, they prance with the grace of a wild cat, their coats ablaze with mesmerizing spots – the Ocicat is a feline masterpiece, a whirlwind of energy and elegance rolled into one. But beneath the striking exterior lies a heart brimming with affection, a loyal companion waiting to unleash its playful spirit… Read more »

Feline Infectious Peritonitis (FIP): Understanding the Threat of Covid to Your Cat

While the world grapples with the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, another coronavirus, Feline Infectious Peritonitis (FIP), quietly impacts our feline companions. Although not directly transmissible to humans, FIP remains a serious and often fatal disease for cats, causing immense worry and heartbreak for cat owners. Our Experience with Feline Covid Jerry please explain briefly here. Basically,… Read more »

Jungle Gym at Home: Creating a Stimulating Environment for Your Curious Bengal

The Bengal, with its leopard-like spots and boundless energy, is a feline explorer at heart. Their inquisitive minds and playful personalities demand an environment that fuels their curiosity and keeps them entertained. But fear not, fellow cat parents! Transforming your home into a stimulating Bengal cat jungle gym is easier than you think. Let’s unleash… Read more »

Cat Vomit

Cat Throw Up concerns, fears, remedy The cat may, without apparent reason, throw up at will.    It is true that the cat can throw up easier than most other animals. Throwing up is the most common non-specific likely to experience with your companion child. When the cat vomits once or twice but seems perfectly… Read more »

Cat Pyrexia

What to know about Cat Fever The normal body temperature for cats falls in the range of 99.5-102.5 Fahrenheit. Fever, referred to medically as pyrexia, can be defined as a higher-than-normal body temperature in cats – a body temperature of at least 103.5 ° F (39.7° C). The cause of the fever is not always… Read more »

Kitten Arrival to new home

What is needed It’s best to introduce a pet baby beginning in a confine small space like a large bathroom, bedroom.  If giving the entire house the baby may disappear for days and sometimes weeks within the available hiding spaces.  That’s not good maybe lead to long adjustment and bonding time period.  Before arriving prepare… Read more »

Feline Bond

The bond that doesn’t break The very definition of the word bond implies a connection built by sharing experiences. It would be wrong to believe that animals do not love. Most people believe because of their bonded relationship with their Pet children they love them, but never seem to acknowledge or recognize the bond between animals. Cats can have… Read more »

Litter Box and Litter

Selection of Litter Box and Litter used Cats have an innate nature to defecate at the same location. Cats in both indoor and outdoor pens will automatically use a litter box or an area to defecate. What attracts cats to a specific spot to defecate – the texture of the preferred substances will be flexible to dig and cover.  Outside,… Read more »

Feline Nail Grooming

Cedar Slabs Used for Cat Grooming their Nails. Lately I had the opportunity to acquire free leftover slabs.  It would be a foolish opportunity to pass because slabs will be super great for the cat to use to groom toenails.  Potentially reduce my pet’s care time by lengthening the time between nail clips.  Some of my Pet kids look… Read more »

Surviving Living with Cat

MY CAT GRIPES Some Feline parents have a version of Walter.   They will make you laugh, cry, provide wake-up calls, cuddles, manipulate to get their way, come to their name only when it is a benefit otherwise ignoring is the game.  The cat will pout, ostracize, hide and express their displaced anger in many ways.  My… Read more »

Feline Altering

Why Spayed, Why Neuter and What to expect. The recommended optimum age at which a cat should be spayed/neutered is about the age of sexual maturity. The basic rule of altering the cat is “5 months & 5 pounds”. This blog is all about cats, but most Pet Parents have both cats and dogs. In many cases, cats and… Read more »

Antics of Cat Home Alone

SAPO, 5F SBT Savannah Cat When Sapo came to live with me in 2010, I wasn’t expecting the challenge that this marvelous Pet Child would provide.  When picked up at the cattery in Ponca City, his whole body fits perfectly in the palm of one hand.   Sapo was only eight weeks of age.  Placed in a… Read more »

Savannah Cat Size

F1 – F2 Savannah F3 – F6 Savannah Domestic Shorthair Height 14″ to 18″ 10″ to 14″ 9″ to 12″ Length 16″ to 20″ 13″ to 17″ 12″ to 14″ Weight 12 to 24 lbs 8 to 16 lbs 7 to 12 lbs From time to time someone will reach out to us and want… Read more »

Cat’s Gestation?

How Long is a cat pregnant? A Successful feline pregnancy is 65 days from the last copulation.  Only in cats, the physical act of mating (copulation) leads to ovulation.  After the physical coupling the female will cycle out of the estrus are the eggs released for fertilization.  No eggs are released by the female until successfully penetrated by the male.  One… Read more »

Cat Estrus Cycle

Queens vary in age when they first come into heat.  Longhair breeds are not sexually mature until about 10 months of age a while a high percentage of Siamese females begin maturity at 5 months of age.   Unless there is a definite plan for the kittens all female cats should be spayed at 5-6 months of age.   When the… Read more »

Cat Life Expectancy

Reason for our indoor only adoption policy 3 years – life expectancy of Feral Cats 6 years – life expectancy of indoor cats allow to go outdoors 16 years – life expectancy of Indoor only cats Feral Cat Lifespan The reason for Feral’s short-lived expectation is easy to infer.  They are exposed to potentially harmful… Read more »


Cat Registration what is SBT? When you see the initial, SBT associated with the cat’s pedigree what does it signify.  Those initials stand for Stud Book Traditional.  All SBTs are classified as purebred cats.  To be eligible for pure breed status, the cat must be a product of three consecutive mating within the breed.  For a cat to be… Read more »

Feline Vaccinations

Cats are a species with the appearance of keeping and maintaining good health. Their health stabilities and ability to mask health issues often contribute to pet parents avoiding or ignoring vaccination and regular health checkups.  The story I will tell you illustrates why we cannot be complacent or indifferent to vaccinations.  To take the risk of illness leading to death is… Read more »

Cat Adoption

What To Know There are questions prior to reserving a kitten each potential pet parent should ask from the breeder, shelter, rescue of whoever is offering the kitten.  These questions will answer how to prepare, care for the future Pet child.   What to ask Optional Requests prepare for extra cost. A pet parent might be… Read more »