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The Mau is the only natural spotted breed of domestic cat, showing good contrast between the background color and pattern. The pattern is random with any size or shape of distinct spots. They have an “M” on the forehead, often referred to as the mark of the scarab, and a dorsal stripe travels the length of the spine to the tip of the tail. Legs, tail, neck and upper chest are barred with at least one broken necklace. The haunches and shoulders show a transition between spots and stripes. The eyes are large and alert, shaped like a slightly rounded almond, with a slant towards the base of the ear. This eye set contributes to the characteristic “worried” look of the breed. The eye color of the Mau is gooseberry green.

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About The Egyptian Mau

The Egyptian Mau has often been thought of as aloof and shy. To a certain extent, the breed can be, but the breed has a special affinity with its people. It is a close bond that is so different than with other breeds. A typical Mau will command your attention. It will not allow you to push it away, as it craves the touch of the special person(s) that are his and his alone. It is the center of your world, and the Mau knows that by this he takes over your life with his incredible, but gentle persistence of being the sole factor that has any reason for existing. The breed is intensely loyal and yet happy to go about his business of being a cat. But when it is ready for you, there is no stopping the love, attention, and adoration of the Egyptian Mau is going to bestow upon you. The Mau has an extraordinary power of scent, hearing, and sight. They are a shy sensitive cat that is easily upset by sudden loud, unpleasant noises. If you plan to show them you must start working with them at birth so that they will accept sounds and handling of the ring.

Egyptian Maus are Smoke, SilverĀ and Bronze. We strive to breed Silver Maus.