About Us

Kezkatz is a small cattery specializing in top quality Savannah cats. Our breeders were carefully selected from A1 Savannahs, the founding cattery of Savannah cats. Priority selected restricting exotic bloodline to only African Serval. When the domestic outcross has another exotic bloodline use of this breed may end with more or near equal Asian Leopard then Serval in later generations! No matter the characteristic of Asian Leopard will pass down the generations spoiling the uniqueness of Serval genetics.

Simply there will be characteristics from both the Asian Leopard and African Serval. We are breeding our Savannahs to have only the characteristics of an African Serval. Our breeders have no Bengal blood in them. Repeatedly using this breed for several generation as outcross could lead to a Savannah having equal or maybe even more Asian Leopard then African Serval. We will always strive to avoid using Savannah Breeders with ancestry leading back to the Asian Leopard as we want our Savannahs to have only African Serval as the wild cat.

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