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Savannah, Ocicat, Egyptian Mau Cats & Kittens

KezKatz Cattery is a Savannah, Ocicat, and Egyptian Mau kitten breeder in Texas that specializes in raising and selling exotic spotted cats. We register all our Savannah cats with TICA and register our Ocicats and Egyptian Maus with CFA and TICA, giving you the peace of mind that all our kittens are bred to breed standards. In addition to pedigree, our goal is to produce cats with excellent temperaments so that they’ll fit right in from the moment they’re welcomed into your home.

Savannah Kittens & Cats for Sale in Texas

Savannah cats are created by crossing domestic house cats with African servals. This allows them to live comfortably in a family home while still maintaining the look of a wild, exotic cat. They’re typically much taller and lankier than the average domestic cat and can weigh up to 20 pounds, depending on gender. Savannah cats are extremely intelligent and full of energy, meaning you won’t have to worry about introducing this breed to a home with respectful pets. Savannahs love to play and often bond well with family dogs–they can even be taken on outdoor walks the same way dogs can.

Ocicat Kittens & Cats for Sale in Texas

Ocicats originated from the interbreeding of American Shorthair, Abyssinian, and Siamese cats, and are considered the only spotted domestic cat to be bred specifically to emulate wild cats. These cats are usually on the larger side and have an athletic build with noticeable muscles. While they have one basic, spotted pattern, they come in many different and beautiful colors.

Egyptian Mau Kittens & Cats for Sale in Texas

Egyptian Mau cats are the only domestic cat breed with natural spots, which means that they are limited to colors that occur naturally, such as silver, smoke and bronze. At KezKatz Cattery, we strive to breed silver Egyptian Mau kittens for sale. The spotted pattern on Egyptian Maus is always random and looks different depending on the specific cat. Although these cats are often characterized as being shy and aloof, they often form a very tight bond with a special person in the home and show intense loyalty to them.

If you’re looking to add any of these exotic cats to your home, allow KezKatz Cattery to be your Savannah, Ocicat, and Egyptian Mau kitten breeder in Texas. Check out our available kittens and call us at 918-966-3404 to ask any questions you might have.