Litter Box and Litter

Selection of Litter Box and Litter used

Cats have an innate nature to defecate at the same location. Cats in both indoor and outdoor pens will automatically use a litter box or an area to defecate. What attracts cats to a specific spot to defecate – the texture of the preferred substances will be flexible to dig and cover.  Outside, it is the soil texture of small pebbles, sand or loose-textured soil. 

Litter Box

Litter box selection may be one of the most straightforward tasks for Cat Parent. The choice of parents for the litter box depends on what one likes most.  When spending is not the question the choice is unlimited of self-cleaning boxes, cover boxes or cheap boxes. I prefer larger, low-cost litter trays, such as cement medium mix tub, which cost about $7.50 for most lumber suppliers. The objective is to have an extra litter box than the number of cats. Forego health issue or declawing a cat is very easy to please when it’s the litter box of use. 


The world seems to be overflowing with new and better solutions for cat litter. If one desires to make it complicated to decide on litter “Good Luck with that”.  At Kezkatz, we ensure that it is simple, eco-friendly and health safe.  Our choice is pine pellet litter.   A 40 lb. bag costs approximately $5.50 at many agricultural supply centers like Tractor Supply, Atwood’s and other similar stores. Corn Cob Animal Bedding (pellet form) is another very good litter option. Why we use pine pellets and not Corn Cob Pellet is just the cost.  Corn Cob bedding costs approximately $9 per 40-pound bag at the same farm supply centers.


Please do not use clumping litter with kittens. If a kitten eats this litter, it amounts to his death. If you brush off my warning please make certain no food or toy ever lands in this litter whereby a kitten might eat or chew. Notice when moist Clumping litter is like cement.  Even a little amount eaten will block the digestive system.  Surgery is very unlikely to save a cat when that happens.  I definitely do not recommend the use of any clumping litter for all cats.  It’s beyond me how this clumping litter idea ever took off for use with cats. While rare the release of clumping litter has increased emergency surgical procedures for blockage.  I think we need to err on the safety side, so there will never be any clumping litter used in my cattery or with rescues or foster care in my care.