Feline Nail Grooming

Cedar Slabs Used for Cat Grooming their Nails.

Lately I had the opportunity to acquire free leftover slabs.  It would be a foolish opportunity to pass because slabs will be super great for the cat to use to groom toenails.  Potentially reduce my pet’s care time by lengthening the time between nail clips.  Some of my Pet kids look forward to and love that I clip their toenails.

These slabs can be put on the floor, attached to cat trees, cat houses, or vertical place on house walls.    When I brought them inside to lay them on the floor to start to attach to the Cat homes, cat trees, and cat immediately noticed.    A few seconds after laying the slabs on the floor, the cat and her friends used them. This proves they don’t necessitate to be attached because love them simply laying on the floor.  

Most rural areas and many other parts of the country, there should be start up lumber milling or home milling where these slabs will be available for free or for minimal cost.  I highly recommend trying slabs.  If cedar definitely grab the slabs, but don’t Passover cypress slabs. Outdoor animals, cats, dogs, deer, squirrels, raccoons and other animals have select fallen trees and limbs for grooming.

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