Feline Self-Stress Relievers

Feline Self-Stress Relievers

This blog is dedicated in remembrance of Malachi.   He was my yard stress reliever.   Mal was with me when I built cat amenities, enclosures, mow the lawn, relaxed.   This wolf hybrid was a once in life time pet.   He loved everyone, all species of animals, always happy, absolutely no aggressive nature once in the life unique personality.   He befriend many other animals, he particularly like feral cats.   He befriend a feral we name Bubba they hung out together while I worked.   He let the feral cats eat first before he ate.   Mal would set near me when I relax watching with me the squirrels play in back yard.   He protected the chickens, guineas from raccoon and coyotes.   His presence in the neighborhood kept predators away from our pets.   Sometime between February 22 and March 2, 2020 on East Country Road 1240 near the Jones curve south someone ended his life breaking my heart.   If the person thought it Funny or needed kill something because it was there, well you hurt me deeply and you hurt many others in the small Community of Cartersville.  He wasn’t my dog but he belong to our small community who fall in love with him.   Malachi touch many people with his always loving happy personality,  probably his one liability trusting people.   Malachi, R.I.P.    Mal provide in his short life more love and happiness then most people give.  He was gift I and others took for granted.   I wish whoever you are you would share with me and others why, why you killed Malachi.

When the weather is bad I often work inside the house building/constructing various cat amenities.    I must be cautious with my toolbox containers and large tools.  My cat children love to unload the individual small boxes separating screws, nails, and washers and relocating any tools they can move.   Playing with screw fasteners, nails similar small items is a stress relieving delight for them.   Warning size does not matter when a cat is interested.    This necessitates attentiveness for tool placement where they cannot be pushed causing injury or damage.    Please use caution with placement of heavier larger tools.

To my dismay there are occasions my cat family is successful scattering tools and small accessories.    Ultimately the importance of this behavior is preventing and removing anxiety within our family.    More work for me but certainly makes for a challenging motivating daily life for our Kezkatz Cattery family simply a great place to live and be for both parent and pet children.

Whether domestic or wild all cats are creative problem solvers.    Feline have natural instinctive creativity to naturally relief anxiety stress.   It’s not unusual for our pet friend to play soccer with missing ink pens, pencils, and bottle caps or like size items.   Most are very skillful resolving their stress with self-play tools and special hiding places.

Astonishment is least of a descriptive a family may use to describe their remarkable peerless creativity for unique self play tools ranging from lid caps, nuts, pencils, pens, plastic bag, paper sacks, toilet paper, paper towels, tissue, boxes, water bottle plastic covers or simply unloading small storage container of their contents.

Distinctively uncommon for animals, felines don’t require expensive tools for play and stress relief.   A parent can provide their pet children costless encouragements for acceptable stress resolutions.    At Kezkatz we give our food shipment boxes to our cats for a few days before recycling.    Our cats use the boxes to play hide and seek or flip the lid open for surprise attacks on human and cat family.   Boxes and Paper sack are idea stress relief tools.  Some like to shred the sacks.   Sweeping the paper pieces is a small cost to compare to assurance of stress freedom companionship.

One of my babies relieves her anxiety collection of my pens and pencils stashing them in special places.   Pay Pay has perfected his pen/pencil collection skills by learning how to open cabinet drawers in search for her collection.    It’s okay because she is the best foot warmer in the world when I sleep.    More importantly her anxiety relief strategy keeps she and the family sane.

Feline self-play relief ideas

Many of these activities provide other benefits in addition to anxiety relief.   Matatabi Stick are great dental hygiene, using pet carriers for pet housing help training the pet child they are it’s okay and safe inside a carrier even when traveling.   Many of these ideas are great pet exercise tools.

  1. Small toys for flipping, carrying in mouth, playing fetch, use for soccer ball, pitching in the air.   No feather or string
  2. Scratch items like carpet square with rubber bottom side, sisal post, fire wood size logs,
  3. Matatabi Chew Sticks
  4. Strategically located Pet Carriers cats love freedom of choice of opening and closing the door for sleeping thus provides a sense of secure and safety.
  5. Soft large Toys, Pillows, folded large blankets for kneading
  6. Food Toys
  7. Interact game toys or Interact Food dispensers
  8. Tall Cat Trees for climbing and perching
  9. Calming Diffuser kit for cats
  10. Herb Treatments

Parent pet child Stress/Anxiety relief ideas.

  1. Play chase
  2. Play Hide and Seek
  3. Leash walks

You can spend lots of money or less money for the amenities for pet children, but in the end its whether or not they will use them.    Farm stores poultry and fish departments are full of wonderful cheap price toys feline will love.    Try selecting the toys and equipment requiring the least pickup and cleaning.    Failure is the word when I tried repeatedly teaching Pay Pay and friends how to pick up their toys and clean prior to their naps.

I am continually disappointed when our camera is never instantly available to caption some of the most amazing unique acrobatic performance of stress relief of our cats.   Our New Egyptian Queen Tecoa has a habit of creative stunts when the cameras are not available.   The other day she found a coke cap to play.   It was awesomely unbelievable and no camera to catch the scene of Tecoa flipping the cap into the air complete body flip catching the cap between her paws.

When a cat friend discharges their anxiety stress in undesirable ways, please ASAP schedule a veterinarian appointment.    Stress anxiety indicators defecating outside the litter, excessive marking, shredding, sudden personality change, excessive eating or anorexia, aggressiveness towards other family pet members are signs of health issues.

This blog post is base on my experiences with Felines.