Alway use Pet Carrier when traveling

Always USE a Pet Carrier

Keep all traveling cats in a carrier. This is for your own safety as well as your cat’s safety. It is not safe to have your cat roaming freely in your vehicle while you are driving. Your cat could become frightened and dart under the brake pedal or accelerator, possibly causing an accident. Many cats like to lie on the dash in front of the stirring wheel impeded the drivers visions.

Not putting your cat in pet carrier may result in your pets getting hurt. A cat jumping around the vehicle is a dangerous distraction. Sudden stops could result in injury. Small cat (kittens) may crawl under dash getting caught in wire or other components. Some cars are made where they can crawl into the engine area. IF trapped, hung in dash board components or wiring it may require mechanical removal of cars part to free the cat.

Traveling in cars creates high anxiety for cats. IF a door is open the cat escape it will be scared. Scared cats don’t pay attention to where they are running only to locating a safe place. Recovering or finding cat might be huge problem because the cat may settle miles away from where s/he escapes. While roaming freely the cat could be caught by predators or killed by a car. Some Individual will kill spotted cats thinking it’s a wild cat. An increase risk if you cat is a spotted domestic cat breed.

Even if your cat is calm and very well behaved, it’s not safe to have s/he loose in the car. A pet loose in the car is a distraction to the driver and can cause an accident. Additionally, if an accident does happen, a loose pet has a greater chance of injury and getting thrown from the vehicle. Line the carrier with a towel and pack some extras in case that one gets soiled.

PLEASE USE A CARRIER FOR TRANSPORTING YOUR CAT FOR ALL PURPOSES. IF you adopted a Kezkatz kitten(s) or adult cat(s) we require a Pet Carrier to transport otherwise no released. We ask you come with carrier for pick up or delivery.