Feline Infectious Peritonitis

Feline Infectious Peritonitis – NOTICE!!!!! – THERE IS A CURE,
It’s not contagious


The drugs GC376 and GS-441524 both inhibit the replication of the FIP virus, but by two different mechanisms,” explains Dr. Pedersen of Cal Davis. GC376 was developed by Kansas State University virologists, Yunjeong Kim, DVM, PhD, DACVIM, associate professor of diagnostic medicine and pathobiology, and Kyeong-Ok Chang, DVM, PhD, professor of diagnostic medicine and pathology.
Attached is Internet web site with more detail information of their research.

FIP is view as wasting a way disease with 95% fatality rate. 95% of all USA cats have contracted Coronavirus. Coronavirus in 5% of those cats mutate in the Immune system causing the deadly disease of FIP. The Mutant virus attacks various body organs this small percentage of cats that develop FIP. Expected ife span after developing FIP depends on Wet or Dry FIP and the organs attacked. The Wet FIP cats will most likely die within 2 months Dry might live over year depending on the organs it attacks first.

Feline Infectious Peritonitis is not painful illness. I asking you take this in consideration if a veterinarians recommends euthanizing. Most veterinarians today are not up to date with FIP treatment, diagnosis, symptoms or contagiousness of the disease or the latest research and testing of cures, diagnoses. It’s troubling when Veterinarian post inaccurate information or prescribes by sharing inaccurate information with patients families breaking too many hearts because they have not kept up with research explosion of the cure, treatment and diagnoses.

Please it’s total understandable when consider our number one pet helpers are on the line everyday with very little time to learn all the new research of many various diseases. This places the educating and sharing of the latest research and knowledge in hands or FIP parents.

I want to encourage all who have FIP kitten or Cat to step back before making a life or death decision to research and joined the very good FIP support group for Parents on Facebook FIP Warriors.

A digestive panel test and complete blood chemistry are very important if you have cat with these symptoms. Please keep in mind there is vary wide and usually nonspecific symptoms with FIP. This is a few to consider.
1. Persisant fever that doesn’t respond to antibiotics,
2. Weight loss and lethargy – often the weight loss is notice like it happen overnight
3. Inappetance, anorexia
4. Anemia and lethargy
5. Possible enlarged lymp nodes, eye disorders, neurological disease, liver or kidney illness.
6. If it wet FIP it will be Characterized by accumulation of fluid in the abdominal cavity, chest cavity, or both. Cats with fluid in the chest exhibit labored breathing.

I have attached the internet sites with information about the cure, treatment and diagnoses. Please take time and read this information and maybe print a copy for your veterinarian.

Excellent Facebook Group for parents of FIP infected pet children

Facebook FIP files of FIP Warriors