Decision Made! What to Feed your Cat

What to Feed UPDATE

WE Have DECIDED.   A little over 1 year the dry food we feed our cats was suddenly discontinued by the manufacture without warning.    We began exploring by testing our cats with different dry foods and focusing on the each cat’s ‘poop”.   It takes 45 to 60 days to determine the effects of cat food.    Each cats feces “poop” is used as the measure of digestive effectives.    Cat free of parasites and disease feces will be tootsie roll shape moist dropping.

This began the idea our testing tries for “what dry food to feed “.   The continuing tries results of “what to feed” unearth something surprising.

A customer and Egyptian Mau breeder share information about Royal Canin Breeder program.   The cattery was signed up in their breeder program to begin using Queen Reproductrice Chatte for pre, bred and nursing females.   The first litters of kittens raised by a mother fed Queen Chatte were heavier at age 8 weeks, 10 weeks and 12 weeks than our previous recorded kittens.    These kittens appeared to be healthier and reports from their homes indicated as much.

Three of our breeders, one male and two females for years were regularly soft poopers.   Their digestive panels results show no parasites or protozoans’ issues.   Blood analysis indicated no digestive problems or vitamin deficiency.    Kittens produce from these breeders feces were normal more or less idea “tootsie roll moist”

When we decided to breed the two females this is when the unearth surprise occurred.    They were fed Royal Canin Queen Reproductice Chatte only.  Previously we always feed free dry with Wet food twice daily for our breeding program.    Within a week for the first time since they came to our home as Kitten both Anka and Taki were pooping tootsie roll moist droppings.    Conclusively proving with the consideration of digestive panel results their problem was the food fed.

Because of this surprise results I decided to try the food with the male cat.  Same thing happen after 9 years of mush poop his change to what is expected and idea, Tootsie roll moist.

The decision was made to feed Royal Canin Reproductrice Chatte dry free choice to all of our cats.    Two months in feeding this dry food no wet food the results are wonderful.   Every cat is produceing idea poop indicating his or her nutrition needs are fully met.

I called Royal Canin to discuss their feline nutrition had the opportunity to talk with one of the people about their research.   She indicated they use the “poop check” as an aid in nutrition research.

Because of what we learned using Queen Chatte at Kezkatz we decided some cats will be feed this dry food only.  We have always like a mix by free choice dry and daily feeding wet food.