Surviving Living with Cat


Some Feline parents have a version of Walter.   They will make you laugh, cry, provide wake-up calls, cuddles, manipulate to get their way, come to their name only when it is a benefit otherwise ignoring is the game.  The cat will pout, ostracize, hide and express their displaced anger in many ways.  My Pay appropriately expresses his anger by killing his orange toy mouse 12 times a day.  When I clean up the house, he kills his mouse numerous times for two days.  That’s how I know he hates me for cleaning. He has stashes of objects like bottle caps, lids, toys, collection of my writing tools hiding.  Cleaning means they are found.  

I enjoy animals, I love my cats, but there are a few behaviors that drive me nuts. There’s nothing more comforting and wonderful than my cuddly kids sleeping next to me. This lifts my spirits, proves a feeling of security and meaning to life.  When Called by name the Pet Child running to jump next to me for hugging is a joy of life that everyone should experience.

These are sampling cat behaviors I dislike and/or hate.

  1. Changing water – To keep the water clean for the cat is stunningly difficult.  When providing clean water, the cat immediately washes paws in the water.  I would be living in never ending story to guess my cat is the only one in the world who enjoys washing their paws in fresh water ruining the water for drinking.  I get tired of changing water to keep it clean. 
  2. Stealing – Every now and then, a cat will need fed alone in a kennel.  Never fails Cat will use their legs and paws to pull the food over for stealing from the other cat. I love watching a cat eat with its paws, but food theft of food provided for a special purpose is too much
  3. Feeding – The notion that the Grass is greener on the other plate is another one of my hatreds.  When feeding it is cumbersome to try to walk around, through the cat, which is determined to get the bites from the next food bowl. 
  4. Quiet Time – Hanging in front of the door when I’m alone in the room.  While I was working on my 2021 taxes, I locked myself in a bedroom without a cat.  I didn’t want Cat chewing on my documents, crushing them on the floor, forcing me to focus on Cat. Oh, the bitterness of separation when I was working’ on my taxes. Others listening would think a cat was suffering or struggling.  That’s right, if you think that Cat not knowing what I was doing is painful.
  5. Pooping Choices – I have many litter boxes for my cats.  I have a couple special kennels made for kitting. These kennels are designed with a kitting nesting box, flush-mounted litter box and perches.  Sometimes I use one for separating a specific cat when feeding.   If I leave the door open, cat will choose this little litter box for pooping.   It drives me crazy to have to clean this litter box when the cat has plenty of choices other than this little box in the kennel. The other catch is that cat will always choose the litter that causes the fights.  It will be the litter box in an isolated area in a one-way direction. One of my favorite places for litter box I had to stop using the area because it was every cat favorite place. I believe their favorite because they were able to argue.  Cat enjoys arguments as much as the politically polarize individuals with same vehemently intensity. 
  6. Smelling everything – A dozen years of experience I’ve revealed the number one way feline become sick or infected with disease is smelling. Maybe that’s why Cat gets on my nerves when I see them smelling something they shouldn’t. They smell everything. If you place a plate of food, drink down without monitoring and closely watching, I guarantee you that a cat will put his nose in to smell. The more time they have cat will evidently paw check.    
  7. Cleaning Help – Cleaning is a behavior stimulator for cat, like a drug.  The cat loves to follow, checking on every movement. When using a broom or a mop cat will play positioning with the sweep or mop movement. It is not a suitable exercise for the cat to tire out as the cat will hold the course.  If the cleaning lasts 6 hours, the cat will use the 6 hours to assist.  
  8. Frequency, Timing of pooping – If you haven’t noticed, give it notice. When you change the litter box with a fresh litter, the cat will immediately take a dump in the new litter. They had all day to poop, plenty of time I think it’s intentional.  I think the cat cannot tolerate the litter not being used. 
  9. Off limits -If there’s a spot where you don’t want the cat to go, he/she finds out. Open a closest door, open a cabinet or room that you don’t want a cat, Lickity split s/he runs in does whatever necessary to avoid being removed.  My kitchen is NO go for cat.  Its biggest challenge of all. Cat intentionally watches for me to open the doorway to attempt to sneak into the cabinets, crawl into the trash can looking for hide out so I won’t notice him. Cats love to explore the unknown even if it is dangerous.
  10. Licking the spoon – When we’re kids, we love it when Mommy lets us lick the spoon. Living with a cat you learn really fast they like to lick the spoon. Put their food out, walk away and you find cat has moved from the food bowl to licking the spoon or food container.