A Different Litter

Accidentally, I discovered a new use for a plastic 5-gallon bucket. Where my niece-in-law works, there are lots of food-grade 5-gallon buckets that are disposed of by the business. Occasionally, she recycles them by bringing them home. Like everyone else, I used it to carry water, as a waterer for larger animals, and for various other uses. Using them to carry and store wood pellets for cat litter led to a surprise use. One time, I left a half-filled bucket in the catio for my 2F Savannah female. Remember this as the last use and needed the pellets to fill a litter box I retrieved the bucket only to discover Raven was using half filled a 5-gallon bucket with pellets for pooping!! 

Apparently, she likes the open privacy afforded by getting into the bucket to do her things. Observing it was easy to learn why – she had the privacy cover for the bathroom and could see what was happening outside. 

Since having a source for cost-free 5-gallon buckets I decided to try with the other cats. Sure enough, most of the cats felt the same way as Raven. Hide while doing the bathroom with a vision of watching the world.  It’s shaped in a way that saves space and makes it easier to locate.

Usage tips

  1. Place a rock at the bottom to prevent it from tipping over when the cat leaves.
  2. Use 2 to 3 inches of litter. Filling in higher levels is unnecessary.
  3. Empty as needed and start from the beginning. 

Wow, it can be used for inappropriate peeing or spraying training. A cat chooses a specific spot to spray or pee. I decided to try using a litter box to encourage them to pee in a 5-gallon bucket instead of those spots, and to spray a pet training deterrent spray on the surface around the spot. The deterrent spray is effective, just make sure to use it. Spraying deterrents once in areas is not enough. Spray it daily for several days. The majority of cats that have been fixed will stop in the spot spraying and choose to use the bucket! Although intact cats this trick is beneficial, spraying is essential for breeding, so don’t wait for a miracle.