Savannah Cat Size

F1 – F2 SavannahF3 – F6 SavannahDomestic Shorthair
Height14″ to 18″10″ to 14″9″ to 12″
Length16″ to 20″13″ to 17″12″ to 14″
Weight12 to 24 lbs8 to 16 lbs7 to 12 lbs

From time to time someone will reach out to us and want a Big Cat. People who are interested in adopting a Savannah generally ask “what size”.   No size guarantee exists, regardless of the generation.   The best option for the big cat is F1 or F2 Male Savannah.  Savannah females tend to be smaller than their male counterparts.   F1 and F2 adoptions are costly.  The current price is five figures with the majority costing the price of the new small car.  It is essential for adopters to research to learn as much as they can.  These generations require vast knowledge to ensure the home’s success for the pet and pet parent.    This means tremendous knowledge and patience in understanding the behavior of domesticated wild cats for successful adoption.    A good thing is to have a mentor.

I’ve seen too many of this generation end up rehomed, abandon, giving up, or turned loose in the feral world due to the adopter not fully understanding them.