Cat’s Gestation?

How Long is a cat pregnant?

A Successful feline pregnancy is 65 days from the last copulation.  Only in cats, the physical act of mating (copulation) leads to ovulation.  After the physical coupling the female will cycle out of the estrus are the eggs released for fertilization.  No eggs are released by the female until successfully penetrated by the male.  One rule of thumb is to count 65 days on the calendar from the last copulation for kitting.

Tomcat’s penis is jagged, making penetration very painful.   The female reciprocates during the penetration with loud vocals immediately after she attacks the male.  Seasoned tomcats will quickly move away from the female after penetration.  This anger is brief but does require ample room free of objects for breeding. The penetration of the male jagged penis is that which stimulates ovulation.  For this reason, the artificial insemination of feline species is difficult with little success.  So far, researchers are not successful at simulating the shape and function of the male phallus.  Auburn University is a leader in research on artificial feline insemination.