Kitten Arrival to new home

What is needed

It’s best to introduce a pet baby beginning in a confine small space like a large bathroom, bedroom.  If giving the entire house the baby may disappear for days and sometimes weeks within the available hiding spaces.  That’s not good maybe lead to long adjustment and bonding time period. 

Before arriving prepare a small space with litter box, and water.  Once removed from the carrier, place the kitty in the litter box first.  The feeding depends on the response of the kitty.  I like the free choice 24/7 of dry food for my kittens with hand feeding wet twice daily.

Our kittens/cats since the start of independent feeding have the free choice of 24/7 dry food and hand-fed wet food twice a day. They are started with PATE wet Food for cautionary against over eating, gulping down food and possibly after eating vomiting or choking. DO NOT CHANGE FOOD immediately.  The kitten might fail to eat.  If there is difficulty with the kitten not eating contact the breeder immediately.

I like the idea of frequent cuddling baby walks through the entire house a few days before releasing for the freedom of the whole house.  A good example when watching television, during advertisements cuddle walk carrying a baby cat through the home acquainting the baby with the home then return to their room.   Do not allow the baby loose, hold the baby during the walks.  Within a few days, it will be right for the baby cat to have the freedom of home.  S/he will quickly adjust to the entirety their home territory with no to less hiding within the larger available territory.    

  1. Litterbox with litter recommended, please avoid using agglutinating litter, it may be dangerous for the cat especially kitten.  Agglutination litter is like cement, if consumed by the cat, it will cause blockage and choice of costly surgery or euthanasia. I don’t know why clumping litter is sold or prepared.  
  2. Cat tree, houses, hiding coveys,
  3. Toys like activity centers (Chewy, Amazon), boxes, cheap toys like bottle caps for playing soccer or slap around chasing, fetch toys.  Please no toys cat will chew or eat, no twine, feathers, or yarn.  These can be dangerous if consumed.
  4. Scratch objects like the 20” by 24” carpet square sold by Atwood’s, Wood slaps both can be laid on the base or attached to walls or cat trees.  I make and use some of the trees cuts.  Cat prefers the subject of the stratum of nature.
  5. Food
  6. Schedule Veterinary appointment spaying/neutering & Rabies vaccination age 5 to 6 months of age.  Our kittens this will be two months to three months after pick up. 
  7. Secure access to all household cleaners and such from cat
  8. If you have house plants, but check the poison plant list