KezKatz Cattery is located near Poteau, Oklahoma, and specializes in breeding exotic spotted kittens. KezKatz breeds Egyptian Maus, Ocicats and Savannah kittens, and hopes that exotic cat lovers from all around the globe will learn about our company and our wonderful kitties.

KezKatz is TICA registered and is now beginning to breed new varieties of spotted exotic kittens. KezKatz takes great care with selecting breed, characteristics and top quality bloodlines for our cats. Browse the KezKatz website today to determine what breed of cat is best for you and your family!

KezKatz will ship your kitten anywhere in the world as long as import and export codes are followed; all precautions will be taken to be sure that your kitten will arrive safe and sound. Send us an email or call us at 918-966-3404 to find out what kittens are available for you to bring home today!

Bengal Kittens

POSTED December 1, 2023, Please use of new email, text 405-779-4063, or call 918-966-3404 (landline, no text message). Kiki and Leo Announce the birth of their three boys and a daughter on June 30, 2023.  The male kitten is currently available.    He is a smart cat who quickly recognizes responses and accepting of… Read more »

Egyptian Mau Female Kitten

Egyptian Mau Kittens at KezKatz Cattery

POSTED July 5, 2023. Born on March 3rd, 2023 the only female of a litter of 5 kittens. This kitten has a big personality very intelligent, calm and looking forward for her family and home.  Her parents are Kezkatz Bridges and De Catz Meow’s Nefertari.   Both Parents are Silver Blue Amber Spotted Egyptian Maus. More… Read more »

Egyptian Mau Kittens

POSTED December 1, 2023 These kittens were born, October 30, 2023, will be available for new homes after Christmas. The four kittens are males. Ready for new homes after Christmas 2023. We release when the kittens are eating independently, 10 to 12 weeks of age. Please use our new email, text 405-779-4063 or landline… Read more »

Other Cats Available

Our stance on rescues

We are not a RESCUE or the desire to be one.When the alternative is to rescue for the well-being of the animal. I will rescue, provide medical care and foster until a forever home is available.   That said we occasionally have the costs of immunization, spay/neutering, medical expenses and an available rescue animal.  While not… Read more »