Egyptian Mau Kittens

POSTED December 1, 2023

These kittens were born, October 30, 2023, will be available for new homes after Christmas. The four kittens are males. Ready for new homes after Christmas 2023. We release when the kittens are eating independently, 10 to 12 weeks of age.

Please use our new email, text 405-779-4063 or landline 918-966-3404. I am trying to learn about facetime. We can try if you like.

The parents of these kitties. All four kittens will be Silver-Blue similar to their parents, with the exception of one male who appears to have a spotting of a darker, gentle type of blue. 

These kittens will be great pet children. Each will be well socialized, snuggly with this intuitive Egyptian Mau Intelligent special.  Please read our adoption policy. They will be ready for their new homes after Christmas.

Our Adoption Policy –  The adopter agrees to provide a non-declaw inside only home.   If the cat needs a new home, the adopted agrees re-home with the same quality or a better home with the same status of no-declaw indoor only home.  Adopt is welcome to contact Kezkatz for assistance for rehoming.    We are available for advice and help for a cat’s life.

Cat Type: Kittens

Sex: Litter