Our stance on rescues

Other Cats Available

We are not a RESCUE or the desire to be one.
When the alternative is to rescue for the well-being of the animal. I will rescue, provide medical care and foster until a forever home is available.  

That said we occasionally have the costs of immunization, spay/neutering, medical expenses and an available rescue animal.  While not limited to the area, it is preferred that the interested adoption is at a reasonable distance from our cattery. When interested, please ask “what’s available.”  



COLOR: Orange

TYPE: Tabby

SEX: Male


AGE: Approximately 1 year

AVAILABILITY: Looking For A Home!


COLOR: Blue Brindle

TYPE: Tabby

SEX: Female


AGE: 5 months

AVAILABILITY: Looking For A Home!

People know I’m an animal lover.  Living in Rural American I often find someone has thrown puppies or kittens on my property or close by.    One time, I discovered that someone had entered my enclosure pens, leaving a black cat with my Savannah Male SAPO.  I assume they like/love the cat, but decided they couldn’t keep it.    So they left her for me so she’d have a good home.  They were right, I found her an excellent home at Van Buren, Arkansas.   I am very supportive of all services that benefit animal life.  Unfortunately, this area of Oklahoma and Arkansas, there are people who steal other dogs and throw them out in another community.   We are limited in the number of cats, dogs that I can accommodate for the rescue with the hope of the new house.   We try to work with the rescue services, lost and found and other groups to serve animals.  It is our goal to support legislatures in every state.

  1. Prevent dumping of animals.  
  2. Eliminate kill shelters
  3. Band Declawinbg
  4. Make animal abuse a crime with fines and jail time.

Cat Type: Kittens

Sex: Male