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Deciding what subject to start my blog I remember a family calling about gum disease. Is it genetic? Their two cats full siblings from separate litters develop gum disease requiring expensive surgery. Good oral hygiene is important whether genetic or not genetic. There are many excellent easy care habits we can use for our cat family to help preservation of healthy teeth and gum against plaque, tartar and bad breath. My nephew, Bobby James bushes his cat teeth regularly. Bushing teeth is probably the best habit with less worry about what to feed. At Kezkatz Cattery we use matatabi silvervine sticks 2 to 3 times weekly along with free choice dry food for all out cats. Most cats like chewing matatabi sticks. Chewing the sticks help against the formation of dental plaque and in this way reduce bad breath and tartar formation. Stimulate playfulness is extra benefit of matatabi silvervine sticks. Dry Food requires crunching and chewing in turn helps wit cleaning teeth. Feeding wet food only will increase the likelihood of gum disease in Cats.


New Med for Treating Giardia Secnidazole
Catteries, Rescues and Shelter and many pet owners will likely have a need for treating for giardia at some point in time. Giardia is one of the protozoan, parasites causing diarrhea. Giardiasis is caused by the Giardia intestinal is a parasite. Cats have to drink or eat the parasite in order to become infected. Usually, cats develop this infection after drinking contaminated water or eating contaminated feces from another animal. Treating the protozoan disease caused by giardia infection is difficult, requiring 7 to 14 days with a pill, liquid formula or powder use to mixed with feed? Treating with Seconidazole has the advantages of single dosing, less stress for the animals with the extra benefits of reduced cost and reduced cyst contamination of the environment. A Brazilian study published in 2011 took a look at the drug Secnidazole as a potential treatment for naturally infected cats. This study indicates Seconidazole is as effective as a full course of metronidazole – 95-100 percent – but only has to given one time metronidazole is giving continually for 7 to 14 days. Since it is off label for use in cats a key is getting your veterinarian to prescribe Seconidazole and Pharmacy to compound the drug. What I like most about using Seconidazole is the potential to treat tritichomonas based on activity. Giardia and Tritichomonas are almost clones in look requiring superior skills to distinguish between the two protozoan.
Video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y9SvYwJtO7A
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