Two Cat Adoption

Deciding what is best one or two cats adoptions

What’s preferable a single cat or two cat family?  One cuddly fur bear is that what’s wanted or maybe a 2nd for mutual companionship for each cat.  The answer lies with expectation, time the cat is given alone, household, entertainment for the cat and the family.   It’s said with some accuracy that cats sleep 21 hours a day, groom for two hours with the rest for hard play.  It’s that hour they play that becomes a concern of how it’s used when the cats are home alone.  With exception of COVID 19 restricted time, nearly all people work or attend school away from home.  This means the Cuddle one is home alone for over 8 hours five or more days per week, good luck with that.  In earnest, how your pet child behaves depends on their ability to adjust to given situations when by themselves.

Some folks use security cameras for watching what’s going on with their pet child during alone hours.  Others have smart device controls to turn on and off the television, music and other furnishings to constructively stimulate home alone time. 

This post is from my experience what I know about cat’s relationship with humans and/or pets, typical situational behaviors, and my observations as they may pertain to home alone time.  The reader should consider that I have never been in one pet home.  The information on singular pet home comes from observing single cat homes, the experience of cat behaviors, and enclosure home to one cat.   In 2010 I started breeding purebred Savannah (SBT) during a short time I separated my first breeding pair as they came closer to maturity within my home. 

The focus of this blog post will be 

  1. One pet home, reducing undesirable behaviors when left at home without the pet parent(s).
  2. Two pet home facilitating pet companionship in support of quality situation skills when the pet parent(s) are not available.  

I share several stories of my beloved SAPO of how he used his home alone time during separation from me and the other pets (female cats) in this blog post.

Ideas for One Pet home

  1. Provide Activity centers – Especially important when the animal child is highly energetic. Providing activities that the cat appreciates will arouse curiosity preventing cuddles from making poor choices when he/she is alone.  A wide range of quality activity centers is available.   Among the choices are Interactive toys, treat dispensers, Food smorgasbords, interactive game station(s), hanging toys, hammock, towers, boxes, climbing perches, cat toy roll, interactive movable fishes, double rocker track.
  2. Self-Play skills and coping skills – Some cats make effective use of their innate self-play skills rarely will their parents return home discovering a destructive day of play. These cats can seriously enjoy consistency for a number of hours without their parents.
  3. Provide window views – This entertainment is very effectual.  Cats like the safety of the house to watch and listen to outdoor life. 
  4. Plenty of space – Homes with lots of space benefit the cat providing a variety of places for sleeping, exploring and hiding.  This folks is cat – “Once in my vet clinic they left the door behind the clinic rooms open where I could see Cloey the office cat, the real owner of the clinic. A vet technician entered the closet on the way back and left a little opening. When Cloey walk past, I noticed what seem like thought spike hit her, she came straight back to the slightly crack opening push enough to enter staying about half a moment before coming away. The crack triggered the thought that somebody entered the supply room, she needed to check what they did to her house.”  
  5. Train the cat for walking on leash – Purchase an escape-resistant harness and an adjustable lead for daily walks for cats with high octane so they don’t engage in bad behaviors like furniture chews or scratches.    These cats need plenty of activity centers and if affordable add a catio. 

Ideas of Two Pet home

  1. Mutual bonding – They will groom each other for “that squeaky clean cat look” and Playtime between two kittens will keep them exercised, active, and mentally stimulated, so you can sit back, relax, and enjoy the kitty antics.
  2. Enhanced self-play skills – The development these skills contribute to ebullience expressed with a friend not with home items. Kittens burn off their excess energy in a number of ways. Some of those ways are hilarious—like when s/he randomly leaps into the air.
  3. Training is easier – Cats are spatial learners “monkey see, monkey do?” When you’re training a kitten, it’s really “kitten see, kitten do.” Kittens learn good behaviors—like using the litter box, grooming, and not nipping or scratching—by watching other cats.
  4. It’ll Help Prevent Food Pickiness  
  5. One Kitten May Drive Your Older Cat Bananas – Believe it or not, if you already have a mature cat, two kittens are better than one.  Often the kitten views the the older cat as a playmate when not recipacated they become a nuisance perhaps causing stress and anxiety. Adopting two kittens, however, they’ll play with each other, leaving your older cat to spectate in peace.  
  6. You’ll Save Another Life –  * It prevents kittens and cats from living their entire lives in the shelter. * If kittens aren’t available for adoption, older cats have a better chance of being adopted. * Adopting out available kittens and cats creates more space for the shelter animals-in-need
  7. Adopting Two Doesn’t Cost Much More Than Adopting One