DNA Feline Testing

We Use the Wisdom Féline Panel [Washington State University]

CFA and TICA promote DNA through the Wisdom Feline Panel. Both have contracted where members get a discount.  The Wisdom Test is a comprehensive panel of cat genetic health tests on predisposition, diversity and other genetic characteristics.

A breeder for us the cat must be clean (free) of known genetic health predisposition. All breeding animals, therefore undergo DNA testing.    (Sample Kela Test)

Moreover, genetics is only a factor used for selection of breeders just as important is general health.  My cat breeders I raise them from kittens providing the benefit of watching all health factors.  Our senior male Savannah SAPO is an example.  He will be 12 years of age by May 2022.  He’s in excellent health has never been ill.  This is what we require of our breeders maintain excellent health as we do our part providing regularly veterinarian health checks, plenty of activity (exercise), up to date with core vaccinations, a quality diet and parasite and protozoan prevention.

That’s what we’re looking for in addition to genetic testing.  A cat with great overall health and that maintains their health.  All our breeders have tested free of genetic predisposition results (Wisdom Feline Panel) otherwise they would not be used in our program. The genetic traits are used for planned mating. 

Some people wonder about the diversity, most cats will test in 26-38%.  This is a normal range. The diversity of hybrid breeds will be higher due to cross breeding for breed development.   The key to the maintenance of diversity is NO INBREEDING. Diversity is a significant component of our Kezkatz program. Our Ocicat males, Calypso was imported from Australia and Spark father from Denmark to provide diversity with our Ocicat kittens.  We do not mate relatives for any reason. 

Some things to keep in mind:

Keep in mind the DNA is only as good as the science. The ability to report on risks affecting cat is only as advanced as the science.