Signal – Tettie Baby Cats

Born June 30, 2022, new home day around June 3, 2022

This mating produced some great SBT Savannah kittens. Most of them are polydactylic, very intelligent, best pets ever.   Ready for their new house by September 30, 2022. We ask for $200 of the adoption cost of $1,200 to reserve one of the kittens.    

Savannah King Signal

The pet pickup price is $1200 with $200 required as a deposit to reserve a particular kitten.    Adoption is on a first-come, first-serve basis. We do not use a waiting list instead of a contact list for birth notifications. As a rule, the birth announcement is first published on our Facebook page.

Our kitten package includes health records, TICA blue slip registration, wet and dry food, and toys with other goodies. Upon request, a CFA Registration blue slip will be provided. All our Egyptian Maus and Ocicats are registered with the two cat registries.

The kittens are released into new homes at the age of 12 weeks because they are provided with two vaccinations (8, 12 Weeks age), and two veterinary medical checks.  They are vaccinated with 4-way (distemper) and leukemia, around 7-8 weeks old 4 weeks later the 2nd vaccination (booster) is administrated.  Our Veterinarian, Dr. Stokes provides thorough health checks to examine ears, nose, oral cavity, stomach, rectum, lungs, and health. 

Our Adoption Policy - The adopter agrees to provide a non-declaw inside only home.   If the cat needs a new home, the adopted agrees re-home with the same quality or a better home with the same status of no-declaw indoor only home.  Adopt is welcome to contact Kezkatz for assistance for rehoming.    We are available for advice and help for a cat's life.

Cat Type: Savannah

Sex: King