Tawny Ocicat Female

Tawny Ocicat Female born September 13, 2020 project new home day prior to or after Christmas convenience of the her family.  Pet pickup price $800 with $150.00 of $800.00 required as deposit to reserve her.   She is small with a very loud voice along with personality.   Her curiosity embolden no fear to explore and learn.   This small furious kitten is the litter first to try new skills, climbing, jumping, kitten fighting, daring human to cuddle.   She has same behavior and personality of a full brother a therapy cat In Nevada.    Her enticing eye draws a need to cuddle her which she dearly loves.   This little girl is going be special to her pet parents.  AND I will hate letting her go.   She is available for adoption to NO DECLAW, Indoor only home.

Cat Type: Ocicat

Sex: Female