Our stance on rescues


People are aware I love animals.   Living in Rural American I often discover someone has dumped pups or kittens on my property or near.   One time I found someone had went into my enclosure and put a black cat in one of the runs.   I am guessing they love the cat but decided they could not keep thinking gifting it to me meant it would receive a good home.  They were correct I found her an excellent home in Van Buren, Arkansas.   We are not RESCUE service nor desire to be one.   I fully support all service benefit animals life.   However if the choice is for us to rescue of let and animal possibility dying we will take care of the animal look for a good life long home.    I will not let something die or knowingly allow a neighbor to destroy life because its there or not theirs.    I will take the animal hoping to fine a new home, or if lost help fine it’s home.  Sadly in this area of Oklahoma and Arkansas we have people stealing others dogs dumping in a different community.   The sheriff and policing has not resolved this issue in East Oklahoma and West Arkansas.   Hopefully they will soon.    We are limited with number of cats, pups I can take in for rescuing with the hope of the new home.   We try to work with the rescue services, lost and found and other groups to help animals.   It is our goal to support legislature in every state  

1. Prevent dumping of animals.  

2. Eliminate Kill shelters.  

3. Band DeClawing.

4. make animal abuse a crime with fines and jail time.    

This stated We occasionally have for the cost altering, vaccination rescue pets available.   Although not limited to the area it is preferred interested adoption be reasonable distance from our cattery.    Please ask if what we may have available.   The Russian Blue kittens we had  Bake, Baiter, Baxter are now good homes.   We appreciated all the interested in the boys.   We raised them from 6 days of age.     If you are on budget want a good cat, can’t afford the exotic cats, please ask what might be available.    Currently we have Dais a wonderful domestic shorthair available.  She is about 2 years, alter, rabies vaccinated medium size cat.   Dais personality she doesn’t bond with other cats, not aggressive but seems to like being by self.

Cat Type: Kittens

Sex: Female