Safari Kittens & Cats

Breed information:

The Safari cat is a hybrid from breeding Geoffroy cat with a domestic cat it has the look of a wild cat but is more affection other hybrid cats. The Safari is an unusual animal that provides the look of the wild with the affection rarely found in the sweetest domestic.  The F1 Safari cats are delightfully gentle cats. They are extremely rare and difficult to produce. Breeding felines with a different number of chromosomes has proven to limit the number of Safaris that will ever be in existence. The domestic cat carries 38 chromosomes, while the Geoffroys possesses only 36 chromosomes. The positive side effect of this chromosomal difference in the F1 Safaris (50% Geoffroys/50% domestic) is that they carry an odd number of chromosomes (37), which seems to increase size dramatically. One must consider the uniqueness of an eight and a twelve-pound cat producing 25 plus pound offspring.

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